Shelley Bellefontaine

Social Media Management Web Design & Analytics

Founder, Digital Marketing Architect

Shelley is a digital marketing strategist., with expertise in website design and eCommerce storefront development. She loves design, technology, business, beauty, and simplicity.  She loves living next to the ocean, and helping people bring their business marketing in line with the 21st Century.

M Y   E D U C A T I O N

With a foundation in Information Technology Administration Systems, my core expertise is online brand positioning through website development. My formal academic accomplishments include:

  • Certification, Digital Marketing, Duke University (U. of Virginia, online)
  • Diploma, Social Media Marketing, Shaw Academy (Ireland, online)
  • Certification, WebMaster, Dalhousie University (Halifax)
  • Certification, Inbound Marketing, Hubspot
  • Specialist, Squarespace Developer Circle Member
  • Diploma, Systems Analysis & Computer Programming, (Halifax)
  • Certificate, Teaching Adult Learner, Henson College (Halifax)

Combined, I have the education and experience to develop technical solutions for tasks you would encounter in a small business environment and I’ve bundled it all together to make cutting edge digital marketing designs for people like you.

When I look out my office window and see the ocean, or walk along the shores and smell the incredible aroma of salt, sand, and sea, I realize how incredibly lucky I am to live and work in such a strong and beautiful part of Canada.

Empowered by the strength of the entrepreneurial fabric of Southwest Nova Scotia, I’m proud to have grown here along the shores of Atlantic Canada.

Built as a “big-agency alternative”, works with companies & start-ups who recogize online positioning is key to success.

Labeled as digital marketing advocates long before it was marginally cool to build websites, we’ve helped position numerous Atlantic Canadian organizations for growth with online marketing strategies that simply, work.

Like the sea, the growth potential we offer our clients knows no limit. Our model works through a distributed network of design & marketing professionals throughout Nova Scotia. And together, we bring clients the most amazing results for a digitally connected world.

Ready? Come Work In Our Sandbox.

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