Patrick Manifold

Digital Marketing Web Design & Analytics

Owner and Founder of Nova Social Media Marketing

Nova Social Media & Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers expert services in the areas of social media, website creation, branding, digital strategy, video production, content creation, and much more. If a business needs help with any facet of digital marketing or strategy, we can help. We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service and our ability to think outside the box to create new levels of success for our clients.

Here at Nova Social Media & Marketing we have a deep understanding of Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy, and we believe that with our creative approach to marketing that we could really help any business in their quest to thrive as an organization.

With Nova Scotians travel plans interrupted due to the pandemic, people are looking to explore and support local more than ever. We believe that this creates an incredible opportunity for Nova Scotia businesses, big and small, to capitalize on this attention through a thoughtful social media and digital marketing campaign that reaches across multiple platforms, and leaves no stone unturned online. Having worked with tourism businesses for years, we understand the unique challenges you face; but we sincerely believe we have the tools, skills, knowledge and passion to create a strategy that will ultimately achieve success and a brighter future you, your team, and the local community.

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