Govind Talluri

Digital Development Web Design & Analytics

Founder & Digital Transformation Strategist of MightyIQ Inc.

Govind is the Founder & Digital Transformation Strategist of MightyIQ Inc. Govind & his team of technology experts help businesses of all sizes to innovate and perform in a fast changing market. We do this by helping client businesses create, direct and manage the digital growth ecosystem. MightyIQ’s  promise is simple: Seamless Growth with Actionable Insights.

Enabling business efficiency through the power of web technology and digital transformation is our strength. Customers are at the focal point of Team MightyIQ’s operational universe and we commit to show the best of digital experiences strategically curated to meet the individual growth requirements of every customer.

Our Services:
Web/Mobile Apps Development
Digital Commerce
Web Infrastructure Management
Digital & Brand Growth Strategy

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