Anita Kirkbride

Social Media Management

Social Media Strategist and Trainer UNDERcomplicating Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media Strategist and Trainer UNDERcomplicating social media for small businesses

Anita Kirkbride is on a mission to help business owners, entrepreneurs and yes, even financial advisors, understand how to use social media to serve their clients and grow sales.

After a 14 year career in fundraising, Anita embarked on a mission to conquer the brave new world of digital communications, founding Twirp Communications in 2011. Over the years, she’s shared her expertise with audiences at Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference, the Mortgage Brokers Association Conference, the Centre for Women in Business, Digital Nova Scotia and many other local events.

Anita founded Social Media Day Halifax in 2018 to help small business owners get actionable help with their social media marketing. She hosts a podcast called #BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast to encourage entrepreneurs to just get out there and share their stories. And she shares everything she knows about good and bad social media practices on her award-winning blog at

If you need her, she’s not hard to find. Your best bet is to look online—chances are good you’ll find her on Twitter. If that fails, just look for someone attempting to cuddle with a disgruntled calico cat, sniffing bunches of cilantro in the produce aisle, or making TikTok videos from her car while her daughters attend an appointment.

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